Tuning and Tuners

Tuning, Action Regulation & Voicing

Ian offers a piano tuning, action regulation and voicing service for existing customers whose pianos he has maintained within the last three years or so, or customers who have recently purchased a piano from him. This is the regular maintenance, done in your home, that your piano needs to keep it performing well. Sadly he is not accepting new tuning customers.


Tuning is  adjusting the tension of each of the 220 or so strings in a piano to make them produce the correct pitch.

It is necessary to tune any piano at least once a year and preferably twice, to maintain it at the correct pitch.

If you are a customer that I have tuned for before, within the last three years or so, OR, have recently purchased   a  piano  from  us,  please  phone   on 06 8445 312    or    021 254 8083   to   make   an appointment  for  me  to  tune  your  piano  in  the Napier, Hastings, Havelock North or Taradale areas of Hawkes Bay..............


Action Regulation.

Regulation refers to to mechanical adjustments to the action (mechanism). A piano action is a complex system of levers which require occasional adjustment (regulation) to keep them operating efficiently. A well regulated action is necessary to allow a pianist to play responsively and with finesse. It is particularly important for a student to practise on a well regulated piano to aid the development of good playing technique.


Voicing is the art of developing a good quality, even tone throughout the piano. Some voicing (toning) is often included as part of a tuning visit. A separate session simply concentrating on voicing can work wonders for the sound of your piano but the instrument does need to be in tune and well regulated first in order to produce the best results.


How often should your piano be tuned, regulated & voiced?

For most privately owned pianos, tuning at least once a year plus regulation and voicing every 5 to 10 years is usually sufficient. This regular maintenance will not change a poor quality piano into a good one. It will not replace broken or worn out action parts, fix sticking keys, renew corroded or broken strings or necessarily make a piano that has structural faults hold in tune.

I am now only able to tune pianos for customers that I have worked for before within the last three years or s, or, who have recently purchased a piano from me. Please phone for an appointment on 06 8445 312 or send me an email.

N.Z. Piano Tuners & Technicians Guild

I strongly recommend that you employ the services of a piano tuner with a proven record of skill and dedication to his or her craft.

Members of the New Zealand Piano Tuners & Technicians Guild are such people and can be relied upon to offer high quality and ethical service. As I am semi-retired I am no longer a member of the Guild but I strongly adhere to their standards for workmanship and ethical conduct.

Click here for a link to their "find a tuner" page.