Secondhand Pianos

We are now at 57, Wakefield Street, Onekawa, Napier, (just 50 metres from the junction with Austin Street).

I'm a piano tuner/technician and need to be out tuning and servicing customers' pianos in their own homes, therefore we can't be open all the usual retail hours.

We are  usually  open on Thursdays from 11-00 until 4-00 and on  SOME   Saturday mornings from 9-30 until 12-00.              PLEASE PHONE TO CONFIRM THAT WE ARE OPEN.

we can open at other times by appointment (Sundays and evenings included).

You can ring anytime on 06 8445 312 to make an appointment to view pianos. Thank you.

As I am now winding down the retail side of the business I am buying very few pianos. The prices on several instruments have been significantly reduced.

I do intend, however, to maintain a small selection of pianos for sale and continue my tuning service for several years to come. I am happy to maintain pianos in Hawkes Bay. My dad tuned his last piano when he was 86. I would like to beat his record so I have many many years to go!

We often have sound traded in pianos available from a few hundred dollars

Weinbach 266205

SOLD Weinbach 126 SOLD

European quality.  This full size (126cm tall) professional quality piano was built in the Czech Republic, I believe, in 1998. It is in near to new condition. I have known and tuned this piano regularly since 2008. The responsive action,wide dynamic range and the full bright but warm tone make it an excellent choice for an advanced student or discerning pianist. The highly polished black finish is not quite immaculate but is very tidy.

vital statistics 126cm tall, 143cm wide, 59cm deep

John Broadwood 261766

John Broadwood

This high quality English piano was built in 1956. It is a little scruffy but is in good mechanical and structural condition. The serviced action plays well and provides a good, even touch. The tone is bright and well balanced. This piano has a wide dynamic range. It is suitable for a student working towards the higher grades.

vital statistics 117cm tall, 150cm wide, 62cm deep.

$1,600 cash, cheque or direct credit (internet banking)

Brasted 175289


Built in 1959, this is a very tidy example of this good quality model. It has a clear but warm tone and is in excellent all round condition. I overhauled the action and repolished this piano in a satin mahogany finish about 6 years age. The daughter of the previous owner has progressed to the higher grades and have upgraded to an even better instrument. I am happy to recommend this piano for a student up to at least grade 6. It would be adequate for a diploma level student.

vital statistics 110cm tall, 133cm wide, 53cm deep.

$2,200 cash, cheque or direct credit (internet banking)

Bentley 108013

Bentley Compact 85C

Built in 1965, this attractive modern styled English piano is in tidy condition. The action plays well and provides a good touch. I am happy to recommend this instrument for an intermediate level student.

vital statistics 98cm tall, 139 wide, 54cm deep

$2,350 cash, cheque or direct credit (internet banking)

Eavestaff Miniroyal

Deco Delight   Eavestaff Miniroyal

This attractive art deco styled piano was built in 1957. The tone is remarkable for such a tiny instrument (only 99cm tall). The action plays well, is light and rapid.

vital statistics 99cm tall (when closed)145cm wide, 50cm deep.

$1,800 cash, cheque or direct credit (internet banking)

Beale 980964


This is a moderate quality piano in tidy condition. It is serviced and tuned at A-440 (as all pianos should be but not all are, or can be). A matching duet stool is included. A good piano for a beginner or intermediate level student.

vital statistics 108cm tall, 147cm wide, 57cm deep.

$2,350 cash, cheque or direct credit (internet banking)


Sold in pairs to enhance your old timer.

Priced from $100.