Strings & Things

Musical Instruments, Parts and Accessories.

We are no longer stocking other musical instruments as we are concentrating on what we do best - Pianos.

However, we do still have a couple of guitars and the odd violin available, heavily discounted, priced to clear.

We also have a substantial stock of strings, reeds, cork grease, valve oil, mouth pieces, bridges, violin and guitar parts and accessories, tuners, and guitar stands and as Harvey Norman regularly advertises, 'Much Much More', all priced to clear.

Please email me with your requests.

Some of the guitar strings available.

50% off all strings

The strings in the image are sets. We also have most single strings for:-

Accoustic   (steel strung guitars)

Electric guitars

Classic       (nylon strung guitars)


Some of the guitar parts and accessories  available

at least 33% off

Not shown  Guitar stands

Machine heads

Bridge pins

Top nuts

Bridge saddles


Chromatic tuners

Case handles

Case hinges

Case catches

Guitar Classic Guitar, Valencia,  CG30 Solid spruce top was $399 $200
Classic Guitar, Valencia,   C190 was 219 $150
Guitar accessories Bridge pins was $1.50 50c
Bridge saddle Assorted was $2 $1
Machine heads  classic budget                  set was $7 $4
Machine heads classic singles                   set was $15 $9
Machine heads  for steel strings                set was $12 $7
Machine heads  for steel strings   singles   set was $13 $8
Picks  assorted was $1 50c
Guitar stands was $19 $11
Top nuts   folk & Western was $2 $1
Tuners Belcat chromatic guitar or violin was $32 $18
Belcat chromatic tuner & metronome was $49 $29
Korg tuner microphone was $21.50 $10
Guitar strings Augustine Black Label    Nylon                     set was $18 $9
Augustine Blue Label     Nylon                     set was $22 $11
Black Diamond             Nylon                      set was $13 $6.50
La Bella Folk                Nylon                      set was $18 $9
Augustine Black Label   Nylon       1st  2nd  3rd   each was $2 $1
Augustine Black Label   Nylon        5th  6th         each was $4 $2
Dunlop Phospher Bronze  Western             set was $18 $9
Martin  Phospher Bronze  Western             set was $21 $10
Phospher Bronze   .031 4th,   .041 5th,   .052 6th      each was $4 $2
Plain steel  .009,  .010,  .011,  .012,  .013,  .017       each was $2 $1
Hard Rockin Steel  Orange pack                        Electric set was $16 $8
Hard Rockin Steel  .022,  .024,  .026,  .036,  .042,  .046   each was $3 $1
Violin Valencia  3/4 outfit inc violin, bow, case, rosin. All properly set up  

was $229

Valencia full size outfit nc violin, case, bow, rosin. Al properly set up was $229 $160
Violin accessories Bow