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Ian offers a piano tuning, action regulation and voicing service. This is the regular maintenance, done in your home, that your piano needs to keep it performing well.


Tuning is adjusting the tension of each of the 220 or so strings in a piano to make them produce the correct musical sounds.
It is necessary to tune any piano at least once a year and preferably twice to maintain it at the correct pitch.
If the instrument hasn't been tuned for many years, and needs to have the pitch raised, a second tuning, several weeks or months later may be needed to stabilise it at the correct standard pitch.
Please phone us on 06 8445 312 to make an appointment for me to tune your piano in Hawkes Bay, Turangi, Omori or Kuratau.
Action Regulation
Regulation refers to mechanical adjustments to the action (mechanism). A piano action is a complex system of levers which require occasional adjustment (regulation) to keep them operating efficiently. A well regulated action is necessary to allow a pianist to play responsively and with finess. It is particularly important for a student to practise on a well regulated piano to aid the development of good playing technique. 



 Voicing is the art of developing a good quality even tone throughout the piano. Some voicing (toning) is often included as part of a tuning visit. However, a thorough, comprehensive effort, concentrating on voicing can work wonders for the sound of your piano. The instrument does need to be in tune and well regulated first to produce the best results.  






How often should your piano be tuned, regulated & voiced?

For most privately owned pianos: Tuning at least once a year. Regulating & voicing every 5 to 10 years is usually sufficient.

Tuning, regulating & voicing will not change a poor quality piano into a good one. It will not replace worn out action parts, fix sticking keys, renew corroded or broken strings or necessarily make a piano that has structural faults hold in tune.


N.Z. Piano Tuners & Technicians Guild
I strongly recommend that you employ the services of a piano tuner who has a proven record of skill and dedication to his or her craft.
Members of the New Zealand Piano Tuners & Technicians Guild are such people and can be relied upon to offer high quality and ethical service.
Below is a comprehensive list of Guild members servicing other parts of New Zealand. For piano tuning and service in Hawkes Bay, I'm your man!.
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 Ian Appleton
 24A, Kensington Drive, Taradale, NAPIER.
 4112  .021 254 8083
 A Beattie
 93, Stout St., GISBORNE.  4010  .027 4495 583
 Alan Bennett  24, Taylor Street, Ohauiti, TAURANGA  3112  .022 398 0046
 Owen Bennett  3, Waipuna Grove, RD5, Welcome Bay, TAURANGA.  3175  .027 5914 992
 Allan Birchler
 67, John F. Kennedy Drive, PALMERSTON NORTH.
 4442  .027 4950 388
 Jeff Brown
 8, Golf Rd., Green Bay, AUCKLAND.
 0600  .021 900 789
 Chris Davidson
 Lower Cameron St., WHANGAREI    .027 261 5024
 Jerome De Bouter  PO Box 22382, CHRISTCHURCH.
 8011  .027 437 6042 
 Kevin Hanna
 254F, Pekanui Rd., RD6, TE AWAMUTU.  3876  .027 4711 972
 Greame Harvey
 PO Box 8184, NEW PLYMOUTH.  4342  .027 4779 434
 Phil Haywood
 2 McEnroe Grove, Naenae, LOWER HUTT
 5011  021 240 3188
 Wytze Hoekstra
 1025, Ferry Rd, Ferrymead, CHRISTCHURCH
 8081  .021 373 744
 Warwick Hoy
 84, Carmichael Rd., Bethlehem, TAURANGA.  3110  .021 747 002
 Christopher Jarman
 2B, Glenwood Grove, Woodridge, WELLINGTON  6037  .025 533 406
 David Jenkin
 PO Box 34363, Birkenhead, AUCKLAND.  0626  .027 4731 224
 Mokeun Lee
 PO Box 34363, Birkenhead, AUCKLAND
 0626  .022 658 1268
 Marcius Long
 2/346, Great South Rd., Papakura, AUCKLAND.  2113  .09 298 5098
 Richard Lowe
 27, Fawcett Rd, Laingholm, WAITAKERE CITY.   0604  .021 267 1244
 Brad Maclur
 17, Pomona Rd., RD6, INVERCARGILL  9876  .027 458 1296
 Andrew Macdonald
 409, Broadway, Miramar, WELLINGTON.  6022  .021 0223 8994
 Kirsten Macdonald
 409, Broadway, Miramar, WELLINGTON
 6022  .021 171 2592
 Don McIntosh
 62, Queen Wood Ave., Chartwell, HAMILTON.  3210  .027 668 6287
 Yuji Nakamura
 PO Box 34363, Birkenhead, AUCKLAND  0626  .027 687 6313
 Stephen Powell
 60, Ponsonby Rd., Karori, WELLINGTON  6012  .027 6355 260
 David Salmon
 181, Frasers Rd., LEESTON    .021 968 608
 Andreas Schaffaczek  RD7 WANGANUI.
 4577  .06 342 7892
 Anthony Shaw
 1243, Whangaparaoa Rd., Army Bay, AUCKLAND  0930  .027 286 8754
 Robert Sinton
 5, Huxley Rd., Kaiti, GISBORNE.
 4010  .027 2170 323
 Kent Smith
 45, Preston St., TIMARU.  7910  .027 4399 413
 Sue Stewart
 10, Ranfurly Tce., Mt. Cook, WELLINGTON  6021  .027 2107 536
 Jim Strang
 PO Box 2287, South Dunedin, DUNEDIN 
 9044  .027 4369 159
Ian is a piano tuner offering a regular piano tuning service in Napier, Hastings, Taradale, Havelock North, Central Hawkes Bay, Turangi, Omori, Kuratau & Pukawa.
Although we are based in Napier we make regular trips to Kuratau (October to May). We tend not to venture there during the winter when it is often too cold for our delicate selves ;-) 
No traveling costs are charged for tuning in the Kuratau / Turangi area.

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