Piano Hire

Piano Hire

in the Napier, Hastings, Taradale, Havelock North areas of Hawkes Bay.

We have a range of pianos available for hire.

Whether you need an instrument for a one day function or longer term, we can find one.

The longer term option is of particular interest to parents of students starting to learn to play. They also appeal to overseas students while studying in Hawkes Bay, or professional people working here for a short term.

Available for Functions

This little Yamaha is available for hire for indoor functions in the Napier, Taradale, Hastings, Havelock North areas of Hawkes Bay. It is available for use in venues where delivery is straightforward (that is delivery I can safely do myself). It is fitted with safety brackets and easy-move casters that won't damage most flooring surfaces. Whilst it isn't a wonderful instrument, it is in sound condition and is tuned at A-440 (standard pitch). This little gem has been used regularly for operatic concerts, wedding receptions, product launches, winery functions and more. While it is not out on hire it is housed at the Atawhai retirement village in Taradale where the residents are free to enjoy it. It relieves me from having to store it. A win, win situation. A second hire piano (Danemann) is housed at the Arthur Richards retirement village in Napier.  Short term hire for a function is usually $400 all inclusive.



Longer Term Hire

Piano hire is only available in the Napier, Hastings, Havelock North and Taradale areas of Hawkes Bay and where access is straightforward (access that I can safely negotiate myself). That generally means no more than two or three steps. Four or five steps might be alright if it is possible to reverse the trailer up to them and use a ramp.

There is an initial installation fee of $400 which covers the cost of delivery, tuning, collection at the end of the term (whether that is in one month or five years time) and the first month's rental. After that, $50 or $60 a month, depending on which piano is chosen, is charged and the piano is yours for as long as you want it. I ask that the  monthly hire fee is paid by automatic payment.

We are not open all the usual business hours so I suggest that you phone first to make an appointment if you intend calling.

Phone 06 8445 312 or email for an appointment to view pianos.